10 Tips On How To Make Money While Travelling

10 Tips on how to make money while travelling.


make money travelling

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Tip 1 

Apply for a TEFL qualification so you can teach English as a foreign language. Teaching is not for everyone so only go down this route if you are prepared to work hard and believe that you have the passion and skill set needed to teach. Most employers ask for  120 hour certificate including a practical teaching assessment

Whats needed? – Generally a 3 year degree or a Masters with and  a TEFL or CELTA or ESOL qualification.

Monthly salaries range from $1000 +  The middle east China/ Japan/ Korea usually offer packages with accommodation and the highest paying salaries.

Tip 2

If you have a skill freelance- Do you have web design skills programming/ video production/ singing? Virtual assistant?  Approach news papers/ production companies   or advertise of Updesk or Fiverr 

 Tip 3

Sell goods online or in markets. Buy from thrift stores and resell. Or sell everything you own!

Tip 4

Freelance Writer  – If you have strong writing skills and have a background in marketing or communications. Then there is PR, marketing, blogging, online affiliate marketing.  Approach local businesses sell yourself.  Create a customer base.  Maybe write short romance stories and sell them to magazines like Take a Break!  Be imaginative!

Tip 6


If you get a hospitality gig in the right area then you will be laughing all the way to the bank. Its physically hard work and very long hours but can be in nice locations. Beach resorts/ ski resorts ,cruise ships, holiday camps. You will usually loose 3-6 months of your life in work. But then you are free to travel travel travel!

Tip 7 


Hairdresser are needed everywhere. Maybe offer discounted hair cuts to fellow travelers or set up a stall

Tip 8


It’s not for everyone but if you are the type of person that can talk to anyone and can cope with rejection then this is the job for you. Usually very well paid because you have a base and commission or no base and a high commission.  Sales jobs always attract people with big personalities so you are guaranteed a fun atmosphere.

Tip 9

Tour guide

A few agencies hire tour guides or you could become a self employed tour guide dependent on rules and legal implications. But if you are travelling your own country of citizenship then there’s nothing stopping you from running your own tours

Tip 10


If you play an instrument why not join a band? busk? or apply for musical theatre jobs or cruise ships. Music is an international language use it! Same goes for dancers acrobats voice over artists  actors and singers.


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