20 Hours in New Delhi

When they say mild they really mean HOT!!!!!!!

When they say mild they really mean HOT!!!!!!!

A cheeky 20 hour stop in New Delhi

I am in Delhi for a whopping 20 hours!

I booked an Air India flight to Singapore and the most economical way of travelling was to pick the budget  flight option with a 20 hour lay over. The price difference was literally hundreds.

Obtaining my e tourist visa was a nightmare in all honesty I have put a detailed review in my other blog post on Singapore.  Air India is a low -cost budget airline but is not as bad as what I had envisaged. I usually fly with high-profile airlines such as Emirates/ Qantas and Qatar. But this route was different and I would have chosen Singapore airlines but it wasn’t within my budget.

The staff on Air India airlines are attentive and polite. The air steward even noticed I hadn’t eaten any of the food and drink and insisted I ask if I want anything.

On the last round of snacks she didn’t ask me she just handed me a sandwich. I sometimes lose my appetite on flights. I appreciated her concern.

The airline entertainment has a few blockbusters but not many.  The airline is clean and comfortable and nothing was too much for the staff. Leg room is also decent. I asked for an aisle seat and they changed my reservation straight away to accommodate my request.

When landing the first thing I noticed when I entered the airport is the amount of men that work there. I struggled to see a female worker

I had arranged a complimentary chauffeur driven airport pick up via Holiday Inn. I was thankful of that because I had a lot of stares from the men. It was more curiosity stares as to why I was alone. Someone even asked me if I have any family. Why am I alone. It is very unusual for women to travel alone in Delhi. Especially a black female. They are currently experiencing high female abductions even in daylight.

The other noticeable thing about Delhi is the smog. When I reached the airport I could see all this haze and it was the same when I was being driven to the hotel. The driver said it is smog. The smog is thick and smells like dust. If you suffer from asthma take the necessary precautions.

There are armed police everywhere and security checks are carried out at the hotels close to the airport. My baggage was scanned and the drivers bonnet and boot was checked. In a way this is a comfort.




The Holiday Inn hotel is very comfortable. The furnishing and fittings are well worth the £80 p/n price tag.  There is a swimming pool television with sky facilities.  iPod docking station free WiFi. The hotel has everything you would expect for a comfortable stop over. I would advise bringing ear plugs especially if you are jet lagged. Once it reached 9 am. I could hear hoovering and door slamming.

I would like to return to India again one day. But I will ensure next time I am with another traveller  preferably a man.  As a female travel blogger I dislike having to admit that men are sometimes a necessary addition but I must be honest and write what I see.  My short time in Delhi as taught me it is fast paced, intense populated and very much a mans world.

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