Black Travelers Warned Against Traveling To Europe

Racism is still an issue in this day and age. There is no getting around that and as long as this world exists and people are different there will always be racism prejudice and sexism. As well as a whole host of other things. As a black female and most importantly a ‘Global Citizen’ of this world. I think its important to shed truth and light in what can be at times a dark place.

I have been traveling in total for 16 years and the past 3 years on my own. These travel expeditions have taken me through the Middle East, India, South East Asia, South America, USA,  Australia and  Europe.  I have been lucky enough to visit some of the most remote islands on the planet. Islands and countries where men dominate. This has not and will never hold me back from visiting a country. I have never been one to shy away like a wall flower and want to inspire and instill confidence in to others that want to travel.

I feel as though I hold a great responsibility being female young and black. Most of the countries I have visited especially in the Asia region and Eastern Europe, black people are a ‘rare’ ‘exotic’ even ‘alien’.  Peoples preconceived ideas of what black people are like are based on old archaic  wives tales especially among the older generations. Therefore I feel that when I visit countries where they may have never seen a black person in their life. That I hold a responsibility to educate them and be a real life example of what we are as a race.  Breaking judgements that we are uneducated, violent and all live in Africa.

Then on the flip side I want to educate my race that are fearful of traveling to certain countries because they might get attacked stared at bullied, robbed murdered because of the color of their skin.

I am not the only female traveler who is working hard to break these judgemental stereotypes or fabricated stories on both sides of the fence. I get emails and messages weekly from people all over the world to find out what it is really like in Asia being black. I have these questions from both black and white people.

So with this in mind imagine how infuriating it is to  see this video filtering out of the US of A. Fear mongering hate led video. Which is frankly disgusting for Europeans, Asia and black people.  Americans and statistically Black African Americans/ Latinos are the demographic that are least likely to venture out of their country due to fear.

Fear that is fueled by propaganda led tit- heads that have their own agendas. Not only that, it puts other countries and millions of people in a bad light. Videos like this are spread and used to keep people where they are.

In this age more than ever before, we need to turn off the television open our eyes and go and see for ourselves. I am not saying that racism and racist low life don’t exist. Far from it I have experienced racism on many occasions. But as someone who has been to Spain on my own more than 10 times and been to most of these countries and have friends from most of these countries in the video. I am saying it is a stark exaggeration and one that is meant to instill fear and keep people put.

.This video has been viewed over 2.2M times. What are your thoughts?



13 thoughts on “Black Travelers Warned Against Traveling To Europe

  1. Flo @ Yoga, Wine & Travel says:

    I am in shock and awe that this type of mentality still exists in this day and age. It’s wonderful that you’re helping to shed the light on this issue and spread the word that everyone should feel safe to travel beyond their own borders without fear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Christine K says:

    Not even sure how to comment on this as it is quite disturbing. The freedom of travel is so precious yet one has to weigh the risks against the rewards. I appreciate and applaud your commitment to go out and see the world and I wish you safe journeys.

  3. Debra Schroeder says:

    I don’t get racism at all. Being Asian I’ve encountered my fair share of racist remarks my entire life. It’s easy for people to spread things that incite fear vs happy things. Hence the huge publicity on negative things. Glad you aren’t letting racism keep you from traveling. 🙂

  4. suz says:

    For whatever reason this video won’t load for me to watch it, but thank you for sharing your thoughts. I don’t understand racism, and I feel like the more I travel the less I get it. The world is such a big and beautiful place and the fact that everyone is so different is beautiful! I’m glad you’re out there sharing your message and encouraging others to travel.

  5. Danijela WorldGlimpses says:

    Didn’t even want to open the video, I can only imagine! On the other hand, there are racists everywhere, but luckily, they are just a small, pitiful bunch. So I don’t really think that it would be dangerous for anyone to travel anywhere in this big wide world, as long as we are the majority! 😉

  6. Stephanie Frias says:

    I have heard women talking about this in some of the travel groups that I follow. I also keep hearing that as Americans, we should travel will caution as the world is likely to hate Trump and his followers. I think it is all about a scare tactic and I brush it off as a ploy to keep us home. We are most successful in our globalism when we largely ignore the opinions of the media. You already understand that racism is a largely personal experience, and the image that you portray of yourself can be the difference between enlightenment and segregation. You are on the right path to not let negativism taint your journey! You are a bright an inspirational young lady, keep going in the direction of your dreams with confidence!

  7. Caroline @ The Travelling Sloth says:

    Like the other commenters, I don’t fully understand racism either. Maybe it stems from fearing the “unknown”? As you said, they probably haven’t seen a black person in their life. I can’t imagine the challenges you go through on a regular basis while travelling just because of the colour of your skin. You would have thought this mentality would have changed by now!

    I’m glad you are using your platform to educate. You keep doing you and safe travels 🙂

  8. Coralie - Frenchie Globe Trotter says:

    Unfortunately i think racism still does exist in every country.
    I don’t honestly understand how in 2017 one can still be racist…
    I am French and I have to say I was happy that France was not in the video, but some of these images are really scary… I’ve lived in India and I was facing stares all the time but it was not racism but curiosity, people are not used to see white people over there, but it was sometimes overwhelming.
    I can’t even begin to imagine what you might face sometimes. I am ashamed of being white sometimes because I cannot understand and tolerate some disrespectful behaviours :/

    • honeybee says:

      Yes it is mind boggling that racism even exists. But I don’t let it bother me and niether should you. it really is a small percentage of the population.

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