e Tourist Visa India Experience

I have accepted a job offer in Singapore and fly in a few days!  I have only been back in the UK a few months and I am off again! I am truly ecstatic!

How did I get the job?

Singapore was never part of my life plan. But I am super excited about going!  I originally applied for a Speech and Drama teaching position in Malaysia. But turned that offer down for various reasons and was genuinely gutted about turning it down. I was then told by the headteacher that there was a post avaliable in Singapore.  After a few interviews I got an offer!

What are the visa requirements?

Generally you are sponsored by a company and they have different passes dependent on your skill. An Employment pass requires a foreign work who is is management or of executive level to be earning at least $3300 per month an S pass mid level worker is a minimum of $2200 per month.

My visa pass was assessed by the Ministry of Education and they require a teaching qualification  a  degree and work experience at a minimum. You will be placed on a higher salary if you have a Masters. I had to submit all of my GCSE results, A level results, my degree certificate, transcripts and  professional certificates in my field.  As well as references from the schools I have taught in.


Expat contracts

In teaching the employer generally covers health insurance provides an housing allowance on top of your salary and a contract bonus. If you fulfill your 2 year contract you get a bonus running into the $$$$. After year 3 it tends to die down because it’s obvious you are settled and staying. Flights and visa fees are also covered.


Relocation costs are covered to a certain amount. I have booked to fly with Air India.  This flight worked out the cheapest with a 20 hour stop over in Delhi and then a 5 hour connecting flight the next day to Singapore.  It was either that or a 17 hour flight. I have done a lot of long haul flying and prefer to break up the flight. I have booked 1 nights accommodation at the Holiday Inn in Delhi and might do a little bit of sight seeing

e Tourist Visa India Experience

I have found this process the most frustrating and head wrecking visa process EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I spent 9 hours trying to apply for something that is supposed to be a relatively easy process.

First you need to visit the government online portal India visa online

I then clicked on to the e tourist  India visa application – You will need a passport size photo which is not the same size as any other country. I had to go to Snappy Snaps and pay £12.99 for a digital photo.

You will also need a scanned copy of your passport no bigger than 300kb and it needs to be a PDF.

They then ask you a series of questions that can be a little confusing. One question asks for a referee in India. Give the hotel you are staying at if you have no friends or family in India.  It will ask you if you have lived 2 years in the country you are applying from?  The sentence construction is grammatically incorrect which causes confusion but the above is what is meant.

It will take you through to a payment portal and then you need to wait for a reference. If you get a page saying –  server not foundserver not found

It is because you are using a MAC!  I tried emptying my cookies like they told me. I tried on different browsers  Safari Firefox and Google Chrome. Neither of them worked.

I sent 5 emails to the technical team who told me to contact the payment team. I then went an internet cafe and had to re submit my application because I had tried too many times to submit the same form

The internet cafe had a windows Operating System and woo hoo!!!!!!!! It worked! …….. But I am baffled as to why I had to google Mac issues with Indian Tourist Visa  to see that others had the same problem. I wish the technical department had mentioned that using a MAC might be an issue rather than shuffling me to another department.



Singapore Accommodation hunt

They typically ask for one months rent and deposit and an agents fee. So upfront 3 months. Rents tend to range from $500- $1300 for a shared apartment or $1300+ for your own studio or$2000 + for a  2 bedroom apartment.

HBDs are government council flats and are at the cheaper end of the market. Condos are flash apartments with gyms pools BBQ areas and mod cons.

Renting in Singapore will definitely be different to what I am used to. A lot of adverts have little or no cooking.  Curfews no guests and some landlords even put a restriction on how often you can use a washing machine! Ovens are a novelty. I like to bake and cook hearty warm meals.  Even if it is 30 degrees outside all year round.


Once I am there I will be able to write a more comprehensive post on cost of living renting culture. But for now this is an overview of the process before hand. I am super excited about starting my new adventure in a few days and have high expectations of Singapore!




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