How To Get a Job In Australia?

I have always said job hunting is a job in itself.

If you are serious about finding employment it can be physically and emotionally taxing. Different states in Australia have a different set of ”unspoken rules”.

Construction  tends to be in WA and NT and Queensland

Office work – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Agricultural work is seasonal and is found in every state in  Australia. This is a good website for seasonal employment

Hospitality – All states withing Australia

1.Create a target list of companies you wish to work for. Dress appropriately and physically hand in your resume and ask for the manager. A lot of jobs especially in Australia are advertised by word of mouth. If you have no network then you must create your own.

Once you have met the manager 50% of the work is already done. The UK tends to be more transaction based and business can be achieved without ever meeting that person. But in Australia people will buy off people who they like and equally employ people who they like. Not necessarily the person who possesses the best skills for the job.

2. ”Luck is what happens when readiness meets preparation”

If you are looking for any type of construction work you will need a White Card. It is a quick easy online course needed across all states for any type of construction work. Legally you can’t work on a site or enter a construction area without one.

RSA – If you want to pick up bar work then you will need your Responsible Service of Alcohol. It’s good to have if you are traveling around Australia and need a quick job. Unfortunately, there is no card that covers all states. But if you intend on serving alcohol or working in an area that does then this is a legal requirement

If you have skills and want them to be recognised in Australia you can do short courses in RPL. This is mainly good for those who want to emigrate or those that will be working for 2 years in Australia on a working holiday visa. It’s the most cost efficient way and  can help you achieve a long-term work visa or Permanent residency within Australia.

3. Job-sites – Seek,  Gumtree  Linkedin

If you are looking for agricultural work I found  Gumtree really useful. You can also advertise yourself on Gumtree and employers will approach you directly.

If you are looking for corporate/ retail work Seek and indeed are the two sites I would recommend.

The Job shop is fantastic for backpackers and residents.

There are a lot of companies that you can pay who will look for work on your behalf this is primarily in the Northern Territory and Queensland. My advice would be to save your hard-earned cash and look yourself.

4.Ensure that you have references and bring certified copies of  qualifications. You can get your original qualification certified in Australia for free by police or a Justice of the Peace.

5. Voluntary work

If you are looking for an experience as opposed to a wage you can Woof or participate in an Homestay. You can do a few hours work for accommodation and board and then explore the area you are in. There are a few resorts that do this around Australia. At times if employers think you are good they will keep you on.

'Coffee Lady' in Myer Perth

‘Coffee Lady’ in Myer Perth

I personally didn’t have any problems finding work within Australia. If you are polite hardworking and prepared to work within any sector then the employers will give you a chance. If you are being particular about wages and the type of job you get it will be much hard to find work. Remember that having an Australian reference is a lot stronger than having a reference from a different country. It means you have Australian work experience which is looked upon favorably.

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