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Brexit Needn’t be the End



The visa process is a very complex process and one that is different for every country. But the UK voting to leave the EU need not be the end for those who want to work and travel overseas. As we stand right now we don’t know what will be decided on the freedom of movement. The freedom of movement has allowed many British citizens to work travel and study overseas without added visa costs. But for someone who has been actively travelling and living abroad overseas for a number of years I am writing to say Brexit is not the end.


A number of countries offer youth mobility visas or work permits to British citizens :


Australia 1-year visa for 18-30 year olds. Can be extended to 2 years if you are 30 or under. Visa criteria (Can only work for 6 months in any one job)

New Zealand 23-month working holiday visa for 18-35years old (can only work for 12 months out of the 23 months)

Canada 2-year work permit but can apply for 4 years for 18-30year olds (no work restrictions if you get a medical certificate. If you hold a Irish passport the age limit is extended to 35years

Singapore offer a 6 month working holiday visa. For those aged 18-25 years

Hong kong offer a 12 month work permit for those aged 18-30years old for those from the UK, Australia, Canada Germany, Japan, Korea, South Korea and Ireland

Japan also offer a working holiday visa for British Citizens and a few other nationals.


All offer working holiday or youth mobility visas


I have successfully applied and been granted visas for all three commonwealth countries. I have also worked in Singapore on a skilled visa.


If you are older than 30 that’s when the youth mobility visas start to dry up. The next option is sponsored visas. This is where a company sponsors a skilled worker to work in another country. The employer generally carries the cost. A number of expat packages are on offer where a company might pay your tax offer you free housing or a housing allowance and offer you healthcare and a greater pay package for the inconvenience of leaving your own country temporarily. These packages are usually only on offer if you apply for the role whilst in your own country.

Employers tend to employ via Skype interviews or job fairs and you can search your chosen countries’ local jobsites or look on Indeed The Guardian and Reed. Also specialist jobsites that are targeted to your career may post overseas positions on their page. Contracts are usually 2 years plus.


Working overseas rather than in the UK can be more lucrative and the idea came to me a few years ago as I noticed more and more people being drawn to Asia for the low cost of living higher salaries than what the UK has been offering and considerably better weather. It is possible to pay for mortgages in the UK whilst living rent-free with an expat package overseas. It helps if you have a few years work experience behind you and a degree. I am now working in film and TV in Vancouver and I can honestly say that these opportunities would not have been presented to be solely in the UK. Freedom of movement has not inhibited people with foresight and drive from getting up and making opportunities in other countries. The doom and gloom of Brexit and tough immigration stance should not discourage those who want to travel overseas from taking the opportunity to do so. For now we still have freedom of movement and those who dream of working overseas should do so.



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