Relaxing Break On The Island Of Langkawi

Langkawi Destination for Relaxation and Authenticity.

Langkawi is now one of the top 10 destinations for luxury travel. It is sold as an expensive package to westerners and for a good reason with its crystal white sands and clear blue waters. It is part of a cluster of islands in the Andaman sea. Just North West of Malaysia.  If you are travelling from South East Asia  it is a fantastic quick, cheap and easy getaway.

I flew with Air Asia for around $100 Singaporean dollars return.  But you can travel there much cheaper I paid a premium due to my time constraint.  The language spoken on the island is Tamil. The island is relatively small and consists of beaches and the wonderful countryside. The locals are very friendly and are either business owners or farmers. It is a quieter more chilled destination in comparison to Thailand. It is more authentic and a great place to come to escape the drinking culture that is so infamous with Thailand.

Langkawi is a great island for relaxation and pampering for solo travelers, friends or couples on their honeymoon.  There is an abundance of cuisines local food or international food and prices range from $2 for a meal up to $50.

We stayed at  Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa which is  4 star hotel. Right on the beach so perfect if you don’t want to travel far lounge by the sea.  The resort consists of 3 pools and a beach bar. There are two restaurants on site and a multitude of local and international restaurants and bars within close proximity to the hotel. This is a great choice for a quick getaway that is really budget friendly.

Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa






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