The Cost of Living in Singapore

The Cost Of Living In Singapore


I have been living in Singapore for a few months now and feel that I can write an honest review regarding the cost of living.

When I got offered a job here in Singapore I was ecstatic and then slowly started to drown in worry. All my friends kept saying that Singapore was really expensive.

Singapore is very expensive compared to other countries in Asia. But the wages that are paid in Singapore are also generally higher than other parts of Asia. Renting is probably someones largest cost. Renting is not cheap at all not even compared to Western standards.  A lot of people from local neighboring countries buddy up and room share. But if you are on an expat package you don’t really need to do that.  You can rent your own room in a HBD from $500 per month Condo rooms starts from $700+ If you want a one bedroom Condo you are looking at around $1400+

Travel – is very reasonable if you are catching public transport. Taxis are expensive by Asian standards but cheap compared to Western standards.  Taxi rides start from around $5.00- $30 SG dollars depending on where you are going

Food – If you eat local food you will save a lot of money. You can purchase meals as cheap as $2.00. But if you are a fan of your western food be prepared to be spending $15 +on a standard breakfast and a fortune on cheese milk and cream.  Please watch and subscribe if you have any questions please leave a comment below.




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