Top 20 Jobs That Will Pay You To Travel

So you want to travel the world and get paid to do it?!  Here is a secret top list of careers that will allow you to work save and travel.

  1. Nursing

Every country needs medical professionals and nursing is  a great career that will allow you to travel.  You can work in third world worn torn countries providing medical assistance. Work for the  army or navy. Be a fly in fly out nurse. Flying to closed communities in the Outback of Australia or in Africa. Or an inflight nurse flying overseas to and bringing sick people back safely to their home countries. Maybe all of the above is a bit too dramatic for you then you can choose to be an Expat in a country that calls for your skills.

Salary Expectations  $90,000 per year

2. Engineer

Engineers are needed worldwide and a lot of companies have world-wide offices and this job could see you working in the Middle East or in outer space . The world really is your oyster. There are many different types of Engineers from Aeronautical to Draft Engineering. Extremely respected and well paid.

Salary Expectations  $70,000 per year +

3. Chef

We all have to eat right?!  And some countries will pay an arm and a leg for a good chef. Again this career could see you working in the Navy, Army, major hotels  and independent restaurants. Wherever there are people there will be a need for a chef.

Salary Expectations  $55,000 per year +

4. Cabin Crew

An extremely competitive career, you can travel in style. Stay at luxurious resorts and literally not know where you will be each week to the next.  This career is not particularly well paid. But if you are flying all the time you can save a lot of money on travel because your accommodation and flights are covered.

Salary Expectations  $35,000 + perks

5. Recruitment Consultant

I am always surprised that this career doesn’t make more lists for enabling people to travel. This is a very well-respected career and you can earn a lot of money and live a glamorous lifestyle. Be warned you will spend 99% of your life working. But if you dreamed of living in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong. Then this is the career for you.

Salary Expectations  $45,000 + commission

6. Teacher of anything

Teachers are needed worldwide. English Teacher, Drama Teacher, Dance Teacher, Yoga Teacher Maths Teacher. This list can go on and on. Depending on the subject you will need a degree and a TEFL.  Yoga is extremely popular at the moment and you will need a certificate for this subject.  But if you do a quick search online you could be teaching in your dream location in no time.

Salary Expectations  $45,000 per year +

7. Banker

Bankers have moved around the world for years. It is an extremely well respected career and one you will have to work very hard for. But if you want to work in New York, Switzerland, Japan literally any where. Then this is the career for you. Language skills help too.

Salary Expectations  $100,000 per year +

8. Architect

Dream of designing the next Eiffel Tower. Then this career could be your passport to travel success and design. Architecture is a highly skilled career. You can even do gap years in different countries with different firms to gain experience.

Salary Expectations  $70,000 per year +

9. Construction – Trade

Builders, plumbers Bricklayers – you are  needed in all countries. Granted certain countries will pay for your skills and other countries you might be working in a voluntarily capacity but if you are in construction and have your papers then the world is literally calling.

Salary Expectations  $1000 per month +


10. Cruise ship worker

A great way to see the world whilst getting paid. There are hundreds of jobs on cruise ships from receptionists to Trapeze artists.  Earnings  tend to be tax-free too.

Salary Expectations  $40,000 per year +

11. Freelance Travel Writer

A highly competitive career but if you have a passion for travel and writing why not?!  You can either go the traditional route and obtain a qualification in journalism or just branch out and try your luck. You will need to have an excellent eye for detail and be extremely driven.

Salary Expectations  $500 per month +

12. Travel Blogger

Travel Blogging is becoming really popular these days. There are a lot of bloggers on the market but there is ALWAYS room for someone new. Create a unique spin be consistent and draw in an audience and Tourism Boards will be paying for your flight to luxury locations.

Salary Expectations  $500 per month +

13.  International Aid Worker

If you want to help and give back to society then this is a great career. Aid workers are needed worldwide.

Salary Expectations  $30,000 per year

14. Public Speaker

Think you can be a motivational speaker. Got something interesting to say?! Then pen your speech and tell the world. Public Speakers get paid to  travel   the world inspiring people to achieve great things in life.

Salary Expectations  $40,000 – 100,000 per year +

15. Artist

Talented creative types are needed all over the world. Maybe you are an actor and want to do a worldwide tour. Well that is very possible.  Musicians, painters, dancers are needed worldwide.

Salary Expectations  $200 per day +

15. Travel Consultant

Got an unhealthy passion for travel?! Well why not get paid to talk about travel all day. Companies will even pay you to go on holiday and do research so that when you come back you can speak in-depth with personal knowledge  to customers about unique and wonderful destinations

Salary Expectations  $45,000 per month +

16. Tour Guide

If you are good with a crowd animated and love travel then this job might be perfect. Tour guides are needed almost every where. I have met some great tour guides who love what they do.

Salary Expectations  $40,000 per year +

18. Camerawoman/ Cameraman

Behind the scenes TV crew get to travel all over the world. If you have the drive you could be working on the next David Attenborough documentary in the middle of the Arctic.

Salary Expectations  $80,000 per year +

19. Au Pair

Being an Au Pair will open so many travel doors. If you are great with children, know a second language? Then you could be paid to live with a host  family and provide childcare duties.

Salary Expectations  $500 per month +

20. Travel Translator

This is a great career for those of you that are multilingual.  You could be a translator for a television station a newspaper restaurants schools. The list is endless and the skill is needed worldwide. The more rare languages such as island languages or Japanese Arabic are paid more.

Salary Expectations $1000 per month +


14 thoughts on “Top 20 Jobs That Will Pay You To Travel

  1. Kallsy says:

    Love this round up! I am a teacher in the States and am hoping to teach in another country when my husband is finished with medical school. We are hoping he will be able to work while traveling too. 🙂

    • says:

      Great! I was teaching in Singapore. I have a video up on how to find teaching jobs overseas and will write more about my experience.
      Thanks for reaching out

  2. Ada says:

    wow I never heard about job as a travel Consultant 😀 Now I need to check it out ! My job unfortunelty doesn’t pay me to travel now but hopefully I can do my travel blog full time soon ! 🙂

  3. Harsh Gupta says:

    With so many job options at tow, who wouldn’t like to opt for full-time traveling. All it needs is a bit courage to leave this comfort – I hope we are able to forgo that in the years to come.

  4. Bruce Schinkel says:

    Really great list here with many options that I haven’t seen in others! I especially like the addition of including salary expectations along with other benefits of the job itself. I thought I had my direction all figured out, but you’ve given me more to think about 🙂

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