Why Are Asian Women Dating Fat White Men In Singapore

A few  months ago I posted a video on my observations of multiracial relationships in Singapore. In particular young Asian women and White European older fatter unattractive men.  I will repeat it is merely my observations. I will also state that it was not Singaporean women that were clinging on to these gross obscene men hanging around the Geyland area. It was Asian women from poorer countries such as Vietnam Philippines,  Thailand and Indonesia.  Geyland is  a well known red light district area  in Singapore.

Since uploading the video I have been branded a racist, jealous and have been told that it is none of my business.  I must make this clear, I am not a racist.  Secondly I am not jealous of the older overweight western Caucasian man cheating on his wife by  participating in a transnational relationship with the young Asian girl. Thankfully I am educated enough to not be in awe of someone for their race, social standing and bank account.

Whilst I am neither an Asian female  or white male. I am definitely entitled to an opinion and would like to share my observations with who ever cares to read my blog.

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